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 I have been an intuitive for as long as I can remember. Working in the astral planes as a teen, and sharing messages from passed loved ones to heal the hearts and souls of others.

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Barbara Christensen

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Clients say

I want to help others, but just feel so blocked up. I didn't know I was being bombarded by negative energy 24/7. (Like you said in yesterday's video.) I though when I was sleeping, it was "turned off." No wonder I'm always so tired
— post intuitive facilitation

Energy Living

Why this, why now?

We live in a world that is walking through the broken sense of being.
We are walking through a miracle without the knowledge of our truth.
We are vital, vibrational and powerful but we are also burdened by
toxic substance and empathic sludge.


We are energy, as is everything. And yet we are semiconscious when it comes to what is actually our energy and what we have picked up and stored as our own. This leads our vibrations low, rather than high in the realms of love and light


Living in a visual world, we have become unable to see the truth through the filters. We do not see our truth, nor do we know how to visualize and create as we have always been able to do as vibrant energy beings. It is time to clear those beliefs, and open our sight

Help & Support

The greater the tribe, the higher the concentration of energy to raise the universal spark of love, joy and abundance. Without support, we are only a tiny ripple in a large ocean. When we work together we are tsunami of love that cannot be toppled


Monthly Membership to invite the energy connections you desire,
release the energy that creates blocks & has never served you well.



Special Pricing & Bonuses for early members

  • Weekly Live Group Facilitation
  • Monthly Meditation
  • Monthly Abundance Clearing
  • Monthly Belief Clearing
  • Online Forum
  • One Monthly Distance Healing Session




Basic Monthly Transcendence Membership

  • Weekly Live Group Facilitation
  • Monthly Meditation
  • Monthly Abundance Clearing
  • Monthly Belief Clearing
  • Online Forum
  • One Monthly Distance Healing Session




Etheric Level Monthly Transcendence Membership

  • Tri-Weekly Live Group Facilitation
  • Monthly Meditation
  • Monthly Abundance Clearing
  • Monthly Belief Clearing
  • Online Forum
  • One Monthly Distance Healing Session
    One Monthly Distance Etheric Body Quantum Process with Quantum Biofeedback Loop
    Push To Talk Service


I felt our energies connect. I have always felt tingling and and warmth doing reiki. And wow this was major amount to the point my wrist both hurt lol. I saw lots of yellow and little symbols not sure what they were. I also felt this huge energy lift almost like I was being lifted and moving about 20 min in. I also felt light and I am happier right now. Thank you again and for the email I am reading it all now ❤.

- Distance Reiki Master Attunement

Barbara Christensen was the first person to give me
permission to jump, leap and fly out of my comfort zone in my health, business, and LIFE! She is a powerhouse when it comes to tapping into her intuition, and uses that gift to help others. She is tireless in her efforts and commitment.
I am grateful every day for her friendship and insight in my life.

Heidi Totten, 100 Humanitarians

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I don't always get enough time to blog, but I try to because I feel that
the words carry such an energy out into the universe.

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